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Manual chamois wringer with wall support

  • Manual chamois wringer with wall support


    Discover our Manual Chamois Wringer with Wall Support, from Forgex Tools. The essential tool for professionals and cleaning enthusiasts. This wringer allows you to obtain impeccable results and save time when drying your chamois, microfiber cloths and other materials.


    – 11 inch rollers: 11-inch wide rollers are designed to make it easy to dry large areas in a single pass. No more wasting time spinning manually, this wringer does it for you efficiently.

    – Adjustable Handle: The handle can be positioned on the left or right, providing optimal comfort for both right-handed and left-handed users. Customize your drying experience to your preferences.

    – Durable Aluminum Bracket: The wall mount is made from sturdy aluminum by Forgex Tools, ensuring exceptional stability and durability. It withstands the most demanding working conditions, ensuring long-term use.

    Whether you are a professional looking to optimize your drying process or an amateur wanting to achieve professional results, our Manual Chamois Wringer with Wall Mount, designed and manufactured by Forgex Tools, is the accessory you need. Reliable, versatile and designed to simplify your cleaning routine, this wringer will allow you to achieve an unrivaled level of cleanliness. Don't let drying be a chore anymore, invest in quality and performance with our spin dryer.

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